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THE SCIENTISTS - The Scientists [Australia punk rock 1981] 2015 Numero Group NUM1233


The Scientists’ 1981 wild debut bewildered Perth, Australia’s punters with its charging anthems centered on themes of young love and alienation. Obvious in its rebellion yet more pop than punk, the self-titled “Pink Album” deftly embodied the tough-yet-danceable outsider aura of The Ramones, and its unheard of, feverish clip shook the shores of the geographically confined Swan Coastal Plain of down under. Recorded just as the lineup of guitarist-vocalist Kim Salmon (The Cheap Nasties), drummer James Baker (The Victims) and bassist Ian Sharples were breaking up, the album stands as a testament to the contagious chops of Perth’s swelling pool of musical talent, and to the promise of Salmon’s unwavering vision that would become one of the most celebrated acts of the Aussie underground.

THE LAISSEZ FAIRS - Marigold [USA mod, psychedelic 2019] Rumble Bar Records RUM048


The Laissez Fairs.....John Fallon and Joe Lawless.....the team....the dream...singers, songwriters. mult-instrumentalists, record producers...for the love of it...for the art of it...that is why. Cromm Fallon and Aaron Archer are there, as well, making it all happen. Yes, John was in The Steppes and that was a golden moment.....but that was then and this is very now... thanks to Joe Lawless and his magic studio. This is but half of the equation. The Laissez Fairs are an explosive live band...the sound of a psychedelic pressure cooker set on 11.....colours everywhere...pretty and hard." Blurt Magazine 


TELEPHONE - Telephone [France punk rock 1977] 2006 EMI 094637117729


Telephone fused the swagger and energy of hard rock with the urban aggression of punk to emerge as the most admired and influential French band of the post-student revolt era. Their roots lie in Sémolina, an unheralded trio formed in late 1975 by singer/guitarist Jean-Louis Aubert, bassist Daniel Roux, and drummer Richard Kolinka. When their lone WEA single, "Et J'y Vais Déjà," vanished upon its mid-1976 release, Sémolina quickly split; Aubert and Kolinka remained roommates, however, frequently jamming in the cellar of their Paris home.

In late autumn of 1976, Kolinka secured a gig at Paris' American Centre, but when his regular band was unable to commit to the date, he and Aubert recruited Louis Bertignac, a gifted guitarist previously known for supporting singer Jacques Higelin, and bassist Corine Marienneau to assemble a set list comprised of classic rock hits and Aubert's first original compositions. On November 12, Telephone made their debut performance, playing a largely improvised set to a few hundred patrons; loud, snotty, and defiantly primitive, the band effectively reinvigorated French rock in one fell swoop. Though by no means the classic frontman, Aubert nevertheless transcended his limits as a vocalist and guitarist with sheer aggressive energy, becoming the poster boy for a new generation of French rock icons, while Bertignac's raw, electrifying guitar solos evoked antecedents from Keith Richards to Jimmy Page.

Crache Ton VeninAfter a famously raucous March 1977 appearance at the Paris Metro, Telephone toured in support of British act Eddie & the Hot Rods, followed by a date opening for the seminal American band Television. A June 8th performance at Paris' Bus Palladium yielded Telephone's debut single, "Hygiaphone." Six weeks later, the quartet signed to Pathé-Marconi, teaming with producer Mike Thorne for its self-titled debut LP, issued in November. Telephone supported the album's release with their first headlining tour, culminating in a free show at Paris' Pantin racecourse.

THE ROARING 420s - What Is Psych [Germany psychedelic rock 2014] Stoned Karma Records SK005CD


“If psych bands are for something they are for breaking down conceptions. The Roaring 420s do that with a wholesome and hedonistic twist merging the normally culturally constipated psych purists into fun loving party machines” – Far Out Magazine,UK

What is Psych?

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PROTAGONISTS - 1983-1985 [USA punk rock, power pop 1983-85] 2020 Alona's Dream Records ADR 12 034


Mid-1980’s suburban Chicago (Naperville!) punk. Includes the band’s hard to find 7” alongside unreleased studio tracks, demos & live cuts. Protagonists drew their motivation from sources as diverse as punk icons Buzzcocks, The Dickies and The Damned to prime era 50’s and 60’s teen anthems (Buddy Holly, Dell Shannon, and The Monkees). The group formed in a Naperville high school, played local talent shows and teen dance parties, and hooked up with older kids (Reaction Formation) who helped them get radio gigs and put out a tape recorded by Phil Bonnet, influential recording engineer and long time friend. The band followed up with a 7” for Reaction Formation’s label Nova which garnered positive reviews but they were shortly after pulled apart by the usual strains on the end of adolescent trajectories.

This compilation gathers their original tape, unheard outside of the suburban Chicago teen punk scene, and pairs it with the songs from their hard-to-find 7” EP (originally pressed in 1000 copies in 1985). The b-side features basement demos of original songs recorded by the band as well some great covers which show they could rock as a punk dance band.

CLOVER - The Sound City Sessions 1975 [USA pop, rock 1975] 2008 Sonic Past Music SPMECD103


Before the band headed from San Francisco to London to establish itself as one of the few American outfits on the pub rock scene, Clover cut some demo sessions at a studio called Sound City. These remained unreleased until 2006, when Sonic Past Music issued the aptly named The Sound City Sessions, a 16-track collection of these early recordings from the band that later went on to back Elvis Costello on My Aim Is True and still later spawned Huey Lewis & the News and a Doobie Brother in John McFee. Hints of these later incarnations can be heard throughout The Sound City Sessions -- there are a few sprightly pop sessions and a bit of boogie -- but for the most part this is friendly, slightly sloppy country-rock designed for mellow sunny afternoons, not dimly lit honky tonks. Sometimes, they sound designed for the radio, too, a giveaway regarding the participation of Keith Olsen, who would soon produce Fleetwood Mac's eponymous 1975 pop breakthrough, but make no mistake, these are demos, sometimes sounding just a little bit shy of full-blooded arrangements. Nevertheless, these recordings are pretty charming. Even if they didn't always put the pieces together in the best possible combinations, Clover had the songs and they had much of the bright pub rock feel that enlivened My Aim Is True, and that's enough to make this a worthy stroll through the past.

GIDIANS BIBLE - 1969, The Golden Voice Recordings [USA psychedelic rock 1969] 2017 Alona's Dream Records ADR CD 024


Gidians Bible got their start in the fertile 1960’s Illinois music scene. During their brief existence they recorded five heavy psychedelic originals at Golden Voice Recording Co. This EP features all their songs: two from their sought after Golden Voice 45 and all three of their other unreleased cuts.