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THE ONLY ONES - Live In Chicago 1979 [UK rock, punk, new wave 1979] 2020 Alona's Dream Records, Regressive Films ADR CD 033, 003


This live release documents Chicago performances of the Only Ones as originally aired on Chicago punk DJ Terry Nelson’s Sunday Morning Nightmare radio show in 1979. This no nonsense set was recorded by legendary mobile recording guru Timothy Powell of Metro Mobile Recording. This previously unreleased show finds the Only Ones at the peak of their early career. The set features a solid list of future classics drawn from their first three studio albums, deep cuts and influential hit singles.

DAEVID ALLEN & MOTHER GONG - The Owl And The Tree [Australia space, rock, psychedelic 1989] 2004 VoiceprintVP278CD


Mother Gong is basically the partnership of singer Gilli Smyth and multi-instrumentalist Harry Williamson along with various friends and family, including saxophonist Robert Calvert, who essays some lovely solos on "Unseen Ally" and "La Dea Madri." Their former Gong bandmate Daevid Allen, as the credits humorously suggest, is "a collection of sub-personalities held together by their friend"; the sub-personalities on display on his half of the split album The Owl and the Tree are that of the Incredible String Band-like psych-folk gnome (a word that he pronounces with the G in the charming "The Owly Song") and the blissed-out space rocker on the lovely 14-and-a-half-minute multi-part suite "I Am My Own Lover." Mother Gong's half of the record is equally fine, a combination of prettily meandering instrumentals and Smyth's familiar fairy tale recitations. The two halves don't really mesh as much as they occupy similar orbits, but with Mother Gong and Daevid Allen lacking the space to get too self-indulgent, they both deliver some of their most focused and enjoyable music.


SINISTER SMILES - THE LYRES - Demos 1987-88 [Australia garage, power pop 1987-88] 2020 self-released digital file


The Lyres: Con (guitar, vocals), John (guitar, vocals), Paul (bass) & Scott (drums) started gigging around southern Sydney from late 1986, playing a mix of our own songs and covers  of Sunnyboys, Beatles, Easybeats, and other 60s/mod/powerpop tunes. After playing for a year or so as The Lyres we tragically found at there was already an American band of that name (don’t judge us too harshly – this was years before a simple internet search for band names was possible). So after a name change to Sinister Smiles we continued on for another year or so. Never got to the point of releasing a single, but these are some collected demo recordings, lovingly remastered by Stephen Bruel and Rick O ‘Neil (thanks guys).

ROKY ERICKSON - Reverend Of Karmic Youth [USA psychedelic rock 1979-85] 1990 Skyclad Records SIX 66 CD


Like Syd Barrett, a common point of reference, Roky Erickson rose to cult-hero status as much for his music as for his tragic personal life; in light of his legendary bouts with madness and mythic drug abuse, the influence exerted by his garage-bred psychedelia was often lost in the shuffle.


MILES OVER MATTER - The Vagabonds Of Psychedelia (The Anthology 1980-1982) [UK freak beat, psychedelia 1980-82] 2015 Paisley Archive PA037


Between 1980 and 1983 M.O.M were the premier band in London's new Psychedelic scene. Their wild and wonderful reinvention of the 60's British Pop/Rock musical style wouldn't be echoed again until almost a decade later with the Manchester bands.
Something was happening and for those that were there it was powerful "...the excitement I felt back then when everything was ahead. When Miles Over Matter took to the stage and proclaimed: “Something’s Happening Here!” I believed them" Mark Nevin of Fairground Attraction.
Featuring 12 previously unreleased studio tracks as well as 6 live cuts, plus Something’s Happening Here and Park My Car (from the psychedelic compilation A Splash Of Colour, released in 1982).

LOOSE GRAVEL featuring MIKE WILHELM - Thanks For The Memories [USA rock, country rock 1975-76] 1992 Bucketfull Of Brains BUCKET-1


Loose Gravel was formed in San Francisco, California, USA, in the early-70s by Mike Wilhelm (guitar/vocals; ex-Charlatans), Kenny Sreight (bass) and Gene Rymer (drums). The line-up also sometimes featured Chris Wilson, later of the Flamin’ Groovies. Several tracks they recorded between 1971 and 1972 were later released on Wilhelm’s self-titled debut, eventually issued in 1976. These included a searing version of ‘Styrofoam’, later popularised by pub-rockers Ducks DeLuxe. Michael Deryckx (bass) and Rol Gjano (drums) then joined Wilhelm and together they recorded two privately-pressed singles, ‘Frisco Band’ and ‘Gravel Rash’. However, Wilhelm folded the band in 1976 when he joined the Flamin’ Groovies. He remained in the line-up for seven years, after which he resumed a low-key solo career that included the album Mean Ol’ Frisco in the late 80s. Loose Gravel’s Thanks For The Memories meanwhile combines three studio tracks with a live set recorded at the Coffee House, Long Beach, California, in 1976.

Tracks 1-3 recorded at Kelly Quan's studio, San Francisco, 1975.

Tracks 4-12 recorded live at the Coffee Gallery, North Beach, San Francisco, 6th February 1976

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PERE UBU - Elitism For The People 1975–1978 [USA rock, art rock 1975-78] 2015 Fire Records FIRELP406


Collecting the bracing and brilliant Pere Ubu in their earliest incarnation, with the devastating one-two knockout blow of 1978 studio bookends "The Modern Dance" and "Dub Housing", followed by "The Hearpen Singles (1975-1977)" and a red hot live set "Manhattan", recorded at the legendary Max's Kansas City in 1977; "Elitism For The People 1975-78" serves as a gut punch. As vital as ever, no band before or since has ever sounded like Pere Ubu - period.

Pere Ubu