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JEFF BECK GROUP - Twilight Of The Idols - Live 1967-1968 [UK rock, blues] 2019 Shockwaves SHOCK06CD


Classic Radio Broadcasts from San Francisco and London. Jeff Beck staggered out of The Yardbirds in early 1966 without a clear idea of where he was going next. Having walked out of the band after years of gruelling tour schedules with little in the way of either fame or fortune, he was initially launched as a solo artist by manager Simon Napier-Bell and producer Mickie Most. Although a chart hit, his debut single, Hi Ho Silver Lining, captured little of his instrumental talents or raw energy, and instead it was its B-Side, Beck s Bolero, which pointed to a possible future. Assisted by the cream of his contemporaries on the British music scene Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Nicky Hopkins and Keith Moon the track suggested Beck would still work better as part of an ensemble. In the early months of 67 he formed The Jeff Beck Group, and over the course of the year the band concentrated on building up their public profile, both domestically and internationally. In Britain, they were frequent guests on BBC radio, both on the long running Saturday Club and on John Peel s brand new show, Top Gear . Meanwhile, future Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant had spotted the huge potential of the burgeoning live music scene across the Atlantic, and he convinced the band to undertake a US tour in the Spring of 1968. The tour proved to be a massive success, with gushing reviews following the Beck Group across the country from their opening show in New York to their closing night at the Fillmore West in San Francisco. By the time the curtain came down, Grant had secured them a new recording contract with Epic records, a few weeks later Jeff Beck s Group debut album, Truth, appeared. Twilight of the Idols showcases the key live performances from across this early chapter in The Jeff Beck Group s career. Presented here are the complete BBC sessions from 1967 and 68, including the initial appearances on The Saturday Club that featured the rotating cast of players, with Mickey Waller and Dave Ambrose on the first gig replaced by Ron Wood and Anysley Dubar by the time of the second. Following the collection of BBC broadcasts we bring you the legendary show at The Fillmore West on the 24th of July 1968 - last night of the Beck Group s first US tour and a seminal moment in Jeff Beck s career. 


DALTON'S FAMILY - Enxiety [Greece psychedelic rock 1981] private press SPR 208


Possibly the best secret of the greece psychedelic rock scene. The one and only release of this fantastic psychedelic soft rock band.

Released private press from the band at 1981. Very, very rare to find. 


VVAA - Cologne Curiosities · The Unknown Krautrock Underground, 1972-1976 [Germany kraut rock ] 2016 Mental Experience MENT005CD


“Cologne Curiosities” collects, for the first time on vinyl, all the otherwise unpublished/un-reissued material that firstly appeared on the three "Unknown Deutschland - The Krautrock Archive" CDs released on Virgin during 1996. 

The recordings included here were made between 1972 and 1976 using studios in and around Cologne, produced by Toby Robinson for his own amusement, just having fun on the studio. Inevitably, bands would come in for practice sessions, to record demo's, and during slack periods impromptu jams would happen. Most of these sessions were recorded by Toby, and they feature Toby himself plus a revolving cast of friends and musicians (some of them apparently big Kraut names under pseudonym).

Including lost-in-time bands / studio projects like Astral Army, Fuerrote, Spirulina and Baal among others, the music here ranges from killer proto-New Wave Kraut psych to wild space rock, proto-ambient electronic, dark psychedelia and raw Kosmische sounds with lot of analog synths / Moog.

It was during that time in Cologne, that Toby, along with Fluxus artist Robin Page, gave birth to the mysterious and controversial Pyramid label, for which these tracks were originally made for.


LOU REED - Thinking Of Another Place (Live In Akron 1976) [USA classic rock] 2006 Easy Action EARS021


Recorded live at the Civic Theater in Akron, Ohio on October 23, 1976, Thinking of Another Place appeared first as an FM radio broadcast before getting remastered and restored in 2006. The two-disc set draws heavily from Reed's seventh solo album, Rock and Roll Heart, for which he was touring in support of, but the set list draws from his entire career, including his Velvet Underground days.


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JOHNNY RIVERS - Summer Rain - The Essential Rivers 1964-1975 [USA rock and roll, por rock 1964-75] 2006 Raven RVCD-245


True, this 25-track, single-disc compilation isn't as extensive as the two-CD set usually hailed as the best Johnny Rivers collection, Rhino's Anthology, 1964-1977. It's also true that it's missing a few of the Rivers singles that tickled the bottom half of the Top 100, like "Cupid" and "These Are Not My People." If you're looking for the ultimate single-disc Rivers comp, however, this 77-minute CD is probably as close as anyone's going to come. Summer Rains: The Essential Rivers has every one of his Top 50 hits from between 1964-1975, of which there were many, adding up to 18 in all. The other seven cuts include some of his most interesting LP tracks, among them three early Jimmy Webb covers (from 1967's Rewind album); an orchestrated version of Gram Parsons' "Brass Buttons"; the late-'60s recording "Going Back to Big Sur," one of Rivers' relatively infrequent original compositions; and his 1968 cover of "Positively 4th Street," famously cited by Bob Dylan (in his Chronicles Vol. 1 book) as his all-time favorite interpretation of one of his songs. And, frankly, cutting away some of the flab from the later part of this period makes this a tighter, more consistent listen than the more comprehensive Rhino set. For most people, this will be all the Rivers you want and need, complemented by detailed liner notes.

Rivers new link

J.D. BLACKFOOT - Live In St. Louis - July 16,1982 [USA psychedelic rock 1982] Bison Record Co. B-44


Live in St. Louis was recorded July 16th, 1982 at the Keil Opera House in St. Louis, MO.

The show was sponsored by KSHE FM and was performed in front of a sold-out crowd of 3,800 of the most intense fans that a tape machine ever had the opportunity of capturing.

The album captured live performances of both ” The Ultimate Prophecy ” and ” The Song of Crazy Horse ” and listed almost 100 names of the audience that attended the show inside the album.

SALVATION - This City [USA North Caroline psychedelic rock 1979] JTO Records JTO-7-25-79

 Morganton, North Caroline mega rare private press from 1979 recorded in Marion, NC.

All songs, words and music by John Oxford. Great guitar.

This City